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Hijacking that Zen.

You all know I like to get my zen on. I like my yoga and my mindfulness and my visualizations and intention-setting. So you can imagine my delight when good friends share their visions. My friend Lindsay emailed me this visualization she has been using and I absolutely love it:

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Frozen in Familiarity

There’s always such a teasing conglomeration of feelings when it comes to reading about God’s people in the Old Testament.

On the one hand, they’re such frightened little lemmings. With the objectivity of thousands of years, I’m constantly rolling my eyes. These people freak out about everything. They’re like a bunch of nomadic toddlers, with their tantrums and terrible long-term memory. Oh, what a surprise, you’re grumbling again. Cue the fire of judgment, ya dummies. 

But on the other hand, I (begrudgingly) see my bumbling, fearful self in their every breakdown. I can picture myself, running in panicked circles in the desert, tearing my robes and falling down oh-so-dramatically. I see it playing out like an Old Testament version of Oregon Trail:

oregon trail

Jewhosebuh has suffered a snakebite and died. 

Neshebuseth grumbled against the Lord and has been burned by fire from on high. 

Mariko succumbed to a hangry paroxysm and killed everyone in her tent. 

I am so much like these people and it is such a comfort and yet such a disappointment.

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things that i believe – pt. 1

Since Drew is on his way to becoming Professor Drew,

and since his artistic mind hisses like an angry cat at any sort of paperwork,

and since I had a few minutes between obsessing over my student loans and obsessing over that faint whiff of dog poo- the origin of which I cannot seem to track down, 

I instead obsessed over 

I comandeered,

I helped him write his application essays for this new position. One of the questions asked about religious/spiritual beliefs and how he came to have them.

What do you believe in and why? 

Well, I am not a professor. I’m not even close. I own one blazer and I never learned to work a slide projector and I certainly don’t care if you finished your reading this week. But I have some things I believe in. And I thought maybe I should share them and maybe we could talk about them and maybe if I post them one by one, eventually I will have some sort of manifesto and I can start my own cult.

Just kidding.

But here’s what I’ve got so far:

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