About This Weirdness

snackwithsatanHere is 5 year old me, just having a casual snack with Satan. He looks a little different than I imagined as well.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the Christ through the Christianity- especially if you’ve been raised on a rigorous diet of Veggie Tales, Youth Group and Bible Camp.

I grew up believing that Jesus looked a little like Julie Andrews a la Sound of Music – all blonde, doe-eyed and singsongy. He’d play His ukulele and I’d do my Christian song and dance.
But then I stumbled upon this painting of Werewolf Jesus– all mangy, unibrowed and Talibanesque- and that little dream world dissolved.
Turns out, sometimes growing up Christian has little to do with truth or reality.
Because sometimes Truth has a unibrow.
So I’m sorting it out through writing it out. This is my journey through the troublesome, unnerving process to objectively value my faith amidst the religion that has become a reflex. It is record of the beauty and purpose I’m discovering in the Church I have always known.