Look at that sad little poodle, walking her fellow poodle. This will be the last Halloween she, the Lego knight and the vaguely feline redhead will participate in. Little does she know that her parents will soon be ‘born again’, replace cartoons with Sunday school and declare Halloween to be Satan’s holiday. Look at her, in her ridiculous outfit, obviously feeling such a strange mix of pride and shame. She knows the costume is accurate, but as she bites on the rim of a Dixie cup painted to look like a snout, she feels a strange sadness. Should have gone with ballerina or Disney princess, like all of the other girls. Oh well, there’s always next year. 

No, transparent long johns, there won’t be a next year.

You’ll spend the rest of your Halloweens at Chuck-E-Cheese or Olive Garden. You’ll fight the urge, as a full grown adult, to put on a tutu or a Disney princess dress just to see what you had missed. You’ll live a short distance from Salem and curse the hours of additional traffic this holiday affords you. And then you’ll start jonesing for some free breadsticks and look up the closest Olive Garden. And you’ll assure yourself that you probably didn’t miss out on much.


Here is young Drew, rocking a turtleneck, as all of the fiercest pirates did. His beard? His shredded pants? Oh, 5-year-old-me would have been swept right off her paws.

Here is young Drew, rocking a turtleneck, as all of the fiercest pirates were known to. His beard? His shredded pants? Oh, 5-year-old-me would have been swept right off her paws.

**Werewolf Jesus Blog has no official stance on Halloween. My parents must have got something right: the Lego knight, the cat scarecrow and I love Jesus a whole lot. But then again, so does Drew – who was a Halloween enthusiast. Different strokes for different folks, right? 

What about you all? I know a lot of you grew up Christian – were you allowed to trick or treat? Maybe you went to the alternative “harvest party”? 4,000 points to the person who tops my poodle costume. 



  1. I can relate to your adult-self feelings minus the bread sticks lol Still thinking through all the “halloween versus christians” arguments, speeches, etc… and actually haven’t gotten much done today thanks to being terrified that I have to make a final decision on this before my currently unborn child is old enough to care. Would love to someday hear the rest of your experience what your convictions about it are now 😉 xx

  2. Lindsay Knuckles

    i love this post. mostly because it gave me a chance to LOL at your poodle costume yet again. never not funny. i feel like i have been talking about this a lot lately (what with halloween being today and working in the church and all), but i LOVE halloween. the knuckles LOVED halloween. i would say this was our biggest family holiday, right up there with christmas. we strategized costumes together (all those years we passed around the felt pizza slice meem made), we ran from house to house together yelling ‘trick or treat,’ we counted our candy like conquerors, we traded for our favorites. halloween was FAMILY and we did it well. i’m going tonight to the greens to help pass out candy, and i am legit PUMPED (3 hours and counting). i always have the best memories of october 31st and i am so proud of my parents for loving us, loving Jesus, and loving halloween. xoxo

  3. My family participated in Halloween all through my growing up, and we’re Christians. I think that there are definitely parts of it that Christians should be wary of, and we didn’t participate in any of that. No witches, ghosts, haunted houses, or evil/gory costumes of other sorts. We were princesses, bird’s nests, and fairies. We went out early in the evening and came home before it got too dark where we passed out candy to other kids. I think there are things to be careful of, and I definitely respect people who choose not to celebrate Halloween, but I also think it was a great night for my family to spend time together, connect with neighbors, and provide fun through candy to various people we would rarely ever see otherwise. For me, it was possible to love Jesus and love Halloween.

    • Stacia, forgive! At second glance, my “neutral disclaimer” appeared to paint loving Jesus and Halloween as mutually exclusive. NO WAY, LADY! This was a lighthearted post mostly aimed at mocking my own costume. I made some edits to my disclaimer and hopefully my intent is a little more clear 🙂 Thanks for adding to the discussion

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