Little Women

I know that out there in the Christian culture, there is a community of people like me, raised in conservative Christian, homeschooled or may-as-well-have been-homeschooled homes. I know that you wore a lot of french braids, probably weren’t allowed to read Babysitters Club or Goosebumps and fell asleep listening to Adventures in Odyssey.

Anne of Green Gables? The Donutman?Touched by an Angel? Little House on the Prairie? I feel you, man. 

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic right about now, then you’ll be just as thrilled and touched (and simultaneously slightly embarrassed by those emotions) as I was by this postcard I received from my mom in the mail recently:


An excerpt of a birthday letter written to Louisa May Alcott from her mother, Abigail May Alcott. November 29, 1846

Anyone who knows anything about Little Women knows that Louisa May Alcott based the character of Jo on herself. Jo was obviously the coolest, just ahead of that little turd Amy. My mom is clearly trying to point out that Jo was a writer who married a professor so I am well on my way to becoming my childhood idol. Just need to chop all of my hair off and expose one of my siblings to scarlet fever. Excellent.

Happy Friday to all of my dear readers, but most especially to my nerdy kindred spirits.

And just to be clear: if someone wanted to start a discussion in the comments section about who would win in a fight between Anne Shirley, Laura Ingalls and Josephine March, I would not be opposed to that…



  1. Lily

    I love this.

    …I’ve gotta give it up for my girl Anne Shirley. While Jo and Laura are smart as whips (not to mention resourceful and equipped with intensely developed immune systems), Anne is super scrappy and a firey ginger so….homegirl takes it.

    Also…I love this. Did I say that already? High-five to the Babysitters Club deprived.

  2. Liz

    Marri- this is fantastic. Although I did read the BBsitters club, Anne Shirley, Jo March and Laura Ingles kick them to the curb every time (they weren’t that good. . .). I also agree with Lily; Jo and Laura might be feisty in their own way, but Anne Shirley had them beat when she broke that slate over Gil’s head.

  3. j.c

    you know who has my vote….. Laura roped the door of the out house shut and knocked it over with Willy inside…………….. brazen and clever !

  4. Mariko

    I just thought I should add some fuel to this fire by posting some of the continued arguments from Facebook:

    Lindsay: baha. anne shirley, duh.

    Lydia: I root for Laurie every time.

    Marri: Laurie’s not an option, Lydia! You’re such a rebel.

    Heidi: Laura is the only one who knows how to survive in the wilderness. So probably her. Also she took out Nellie.

    Lindsay: i’ve been thinking about this all day. laura ingalls was sneaky and fierce, while still maintaining a sweet spirit. i might be leaning with her on this one. although anne did climb on a roof..

    Heidi: Lindsay- and promptly fell off. without injuring her tongue. thank goodness.

    Marri: I feel like someone should speak for Jo, just to even things out. She survived scarlet fever and the death of a sibling. Plus, she grew up during the war, so in addition to being scrappy, probably knew about artillery. (I never said what kind of fight this was…)

  5. ruthie

    first of all you girls are hysterical and yet i weep because(yes, my gang did not read goosebumps etc.) but when my little ginger was very sick we watched the whole series of anne. and yes, the girl rocks. she won the heart of the man(name escapes me)that adopted her! he wanted a boy! and yes, the Lord healed mckenna totally and i am reminded of this healing by you gals and your banter. blessings.

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